Who We Are

WeEn Semiconductors Technology Co., Ltd registered on Aug 5, 2015 .The operational headquarters locates in Shanghai and the company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries and branches include: the front-end fabrication in Jilin, north east China, the warehouse and distribution center in Hong Kong and research & development centers in Shanghai and Manchester, UK.? WeEn also has sales offices set up and customer service access throughout the world. In Sep 2018, WeEn’s also opened its new, in-house, reliability and failure analysis laboratory in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.

With a heritage of over 50 years, WeEn is a key player in the semiconductor industry and has focused on developing a wide and deep portfolio of industry-leading bipolar power products including silicon carbide diodes, thyristors - consisting of silicon controlled rectifiers and triacs -, high voltage transistors and so on. All these products are widely used in the markets for telecommunications, computers, consumer electronics, intelligent home appliances, lighting, automotive and power management applications. The aim is to help our customers achieve higher cost efficiency and production efficiency and to contribute to the development of China and global intelligent manufacturing.

Management Team

WeEn Semiconductors Org. Chart


Markus Mosen


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Harry Liu


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Sam Chen

COO and General Manager of Jilin Fab

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Dr.Ed Huang


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Golden Zhang

Vice President (VP) of WeEn Global Sales

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Belle Chen


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ZiMing Tang


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Lindy Pan

Director, HR & Admin.Department

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Terry Liu

Director, Marketing

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Our values here at WeEn are based on five acronyms R.E.S.P.E.C.T (R - Respect, E - Engagement, S - Success, P - Performance, E - Excellence, C - Commitment, T - Trust). When joining the WeEn family you will realize this is not just a catchphrase, it is the driving force that motivates us in crafting the future of bipolar power.

With WeEn you will have the opportunity to work for a key player in a thriving market within the semiconductor industry. That means the chance to excel both personally and professionally. We understand the array of talent out there in the world today, some already outshine the rest and others can be nurtured to be great.
WeEn may be new but the foundations were set long ago with our experienced workforce. Join now and we can help you imagine, innovate and invest in an inspiring work environment.

Markus joined Ween as CEO from the start of the company in November 2015. He is responsible for all executive decisions and operations of WeEn Semiconductors.?
Prior to joining WeEn, Markus was General Manager and Vice President for BL Bipolar Power in NXP Semiconductors.?
Markus has 16 years professional experience in managing global Business and Product Lines in the Semiconductor Industry, developing and setting up Sales & Marketing offices in China and Asia-Pacific, improving Market Share in different market segments including Secure Mobile Solutions, Bipolar Power Discretes and Security. Also he has been addressing applications for Mobile Chipsets, Security and Chip Cards, and more recently Power Discrete applications in renewable Energy, Industrial and Consumer markets.?
Markus has 15 years living and working experience in Asia-Pacific (Singapore) and China (Beijing and Shanghai).

Harry Liu is taking care of the Government Relation, Purchasing, and Legal.?
Harry has professional experience in MNC and has worked for 5 companies giving a total of 17 years of finance and accounting experience. Prior to joining WeEn, Harry worked for Deloitte Audit Firm, CP Group, McDonald’s China and Sime Darby, HK.

Sam Chen is responsible for Operation, Streamline and focus the activities in the Manufacturing, these are all under one Head combined with Quality function.?
Sam has many years professional experience in 5” and 8” wafer Fab operations.?
Prior to joining WeEn, Sam has worked for Motorola Back/End assembly factory, Tianjin, China, Motorola MOS12, 8” fab at Chandler, Phoenix, USA, Motorola MOS13, 8” fab at Austin, Texas, USA and Motorola MOS17, 8” fab in Tianjin ,China.?
Sam has worked also in the SMIC Fab 7, 8” fab in Tianjin, China, PJSC 5” fab in Jilin, China, Aleris Aluminum Co, Ltd , Tianjin, China and NXP’s DJLN, 5” fab in Jilin, China.

Development Manager Dr. Ed Huang leads a team of Research and Development professionals for the introduction of new and innovative products and technologies for WeEn.?
Prior to joining WeEn Semiconductors, Ed had over 35 years’ R & D experience in Power (Bipolar and MOS) Semiconductors, having managed innovation teams in Philips & NXP Semiconductors.?

Golden Zhang is in charge of WeEn Global Sales Team.
Golden has 15 years’ Sales & Marketing experience in Semiconductor and Industrial cross Asia. 10 years of management experience leading Distribution, Business Development & Field Sales team.?
Prior to joining WeEn, Golden worked in Embraco Unit of Whirlpool Corp, and lead Asia Commercial Cooling Solution, Distribution and Aftermarket Business. Before that, he had been with ON Semi for 11 years.

Belle Chen is supporting Corporate Strategic affairs such as Corporate business development, special project, and M&A activities.?
Prior to joining WeEn, Belle worked for Avnet Technology Ltd., and Philips / NXP Semiconductors where she gained extensive working experience in the semiconductor industry over 16 years. She took diversified jobs as Regional Sales and Marketing for Greater China, Commercial Marketing, Demand Management and Global Supply Chain Management. Take leadership of firm cut-over, team setup and warehouse movement.

Michael Tang is in charge of the Finance and Accounting team, doubles as Board Secretary as before.?
Prior to joining WeEn, Michael has 10 years’ working experiences included 3 years working overseas in Alcatel-Lucent. Be the only finance employee who is selected for Alcatel-Lucent Asia rotation program, Michael takes different finance management roles in different countries during the period. After finishing the program, Michael works as finance controllers for different business unit and group for Alcatel-Lucent Great China.?

Lindy Pan serves Director of HR & Admin. Department for WeEn and is handling the full spectrum of HR & Administration functions for human capital management.?
Lindy has many years working experience in HR & Admin. ?with 4 years professional experience in SEMI China (Semiconductor Equipment and Material International, China) as China HR Manager, then 7 years HR Manager for Group Real Easter Holding Company. ?She also previously ?worked for a China Top 10 financial company in the same role.

Terry Liu heads up WeEn’s marketing department and is responsible for strategy, product management, applications and communications.
Terry has more than 10 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry having held positions in Research and Development, Applications Engineering and Product Marketing.



瑞能半導體科技股份有限公司,注冊于2015年8月5號,運營中心落戶上海, 全資子公司和分支機構包括吉林芯片生產基地、上海和英國產品及研發中心、香港物流中心以及遍布全球其他國家的銷售和客戶服務點。

2018年9月,瑞能半導體可靠性測試實驗室及失效分析實驗室在江西省南昌縣正式開業, 可以對包括二極管,三極管以及可控硅等分立器件產品進行可靠性測試以及失效分析。

自誕生以來,瑞能已走過逾 50 年輝煌歷程。作為全球功率半導體行業的佼佼者,瑞能始終專注于研發行業領先、廣泛且深入的雙極功率半導體產品組合,包括:碳化硅二極管,可控硅整流器和三端雙向可控硅、功率二極管、高壓晶體管等。產品廣泛應用于電信、計算機、消費類電子產品、智能家電、照明、汽車和電源管理應用等市場領域。我們的目標是:幫助客戶提高成本效益和生產效率,促進中國及全球智能制造行業的發展。




Markus Mosen

CEO 首席執行官







dr-ed-huang .jpg

Ed Huang博士



















在瑞能,我們的價值觀可以用 7 個縮寫字母來概括:“R.E.S.P.E.C.T”。R 代表 Respect(尊重)、E 代表 Engagement(參與)、S 代表 Success(成功)、P 代表 Performance(效益)、E 代表 Excellence(杰出)、C 代表 Commitment(責任)、T 代表 Trust(信任)。瑞能大家庭的每一位成員都深知,這不僅僅是我們的廣告語,更是激勵我們創領功率半導體新未來的源動力。


自 2015 年 11 月公司成立伊始,Markus 既已加入瑞能擔任首席執行官,全權負責公司的所有管理決策和運營。
加入瑞能之前,Markus 曾在恩智浦半導體(NXP)公司雙極功率半導體事業部擔任總經理和副總裁。
Markus 擁有 16 年半導體行業全球運營和產品線管理經驗,先后帶領團隊開發并成立了中國及亞太區銷售和市場辦事處,提升了公司產品在不同市場領域的市場份額,包括手機安全解決方案、雙極型大功率分離元器件和安全系統等。同時,Markus 也曾負責過手機芯片、安全和芯片卡應用業務;近年,還曾監管過可再生能源以及工業和消費類市場的大功率分離元器件應用業務。
Markus 已在亞太地區(新加坡)和中國(北京和上海)工作生活了 15 年。

劉宗華擁有豐富、專業的跨國企業從業經驗,先后在 5 家公司積累了共計 17 年的財務和會計工作經驗。

陳松負責統籌管控公司的運營和生產線,專注于公司的生產事務,同時監管公司的產品質量管理,IT 和供應鏈管理。
陳松擁有多年 5 英寸和 8 英寸晶圓生產基地專業運營經驗。
加入瑞能之前,陳松曾在中國天津的摩托羅拉封裝測試廠、美國菲尼克斯錢德勒市的 8 英寸摩托羅拉 MOS12 生產基地、美國德克薩斯州奧斯汀的 8 英寸摩托羅拉 MOS13 生產基地以及位于中國天津的 8 英寸摩托羅拉 MOS17 生產基地任職。
陳松還曾在中國天津的中芯國際 8 英寸 7 廠生產基地,飛利浦吉林半導體有限公司 5 英寸芯片生產基地,美國愛勵(天津)鋁壓延制品有限公司和恩智浦半導體公司 5 英寸芯片生產基地任職。

作為瑞能首席技術官,Ed Huang 博士帶領研發專家團隊開發了一系列新型技術和創新產品。
加入瑞能半導體之前,Ed 在飛利浦和恩智浦半導體帶領研發團隊,已在功率半導體(雙極和 MOS)領域工作了逾 35 年,成績斐然。

他擁有 15 年亞太地區半導體和工業品銷售和市場推廣工作經驗,以及 10 年渠道銷售、業務開發和銷售團隊管理經驗。
加入瑞能之前,張勝鋒先生曾在惠而浦恩布拉科事業部任職,負責亞洲商用制冷方案業務、渠道銷售及售后業務。在此之前,他還曾在安森美半導體公司任職 11 年。


加入瑞能之前,湯子鳴已積累了 10 年行業從業經驗,包括 3 年阿爾卡特-朗迅公司海外從業經驗。作為唯一入選阿爾卡特-朗迅公司亞太輪崗項目的財務人員,湯子鳴曾在多個國家擔任不同的財務管理職位。此后,湯子鳴還曾在阿爾卡特-朗迅公司大中華區的多個不同事業部和團隊擔任財務管理職位。

潘嶺具有豐富的人力資源專業知識,并具有超過 18 年的人力資源和企業行政管理工作經驗,包括戰略層面和業務實操經驗,其中 4 年國際半導體設備和材料協會中國區人力資源經理和 7 年房地產集團控股公司人力資源經理。此前,她還曾在位列中國 10 強的金融公司擔任人力資源經理。

劉源擁有逾 10 年半導體行業從業經驗,曾先后任職于研發部門、應用工程部和產品推廣部。

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